Ovulation Calculator and Tips for Conceiving a Baby Boy

There are various couples who seeking for some actual ways to conceive a baby boy. If you and your partner make a plan to have a baby boy, you should know about your most ovulation day. The Ovulation calculator for boy is the best option for this phase; you can easily come to know your ovulation. This will help you to find out which time is best for ovulating and although it will increase the chances of conception instantly.

What is an ovulation calculator?

An ovulation calculator is a tool that predicts woman ovulation days when a woman is most likely to fertile, these all also depends on when one woman is more likely to release an egg. All these calculations are performed on the basis of your menstrual cycle, your menstrual cycle must be regular, that would help you to determine the approximate ovulation day. When you start using Ovulation calculator for baby boy you should know the date of the first day of your last menstrual cycle. Additionally, you will also need to know about the average length of your menstrual cycle.

Well, there are some effective tips for conceiving a baby boy:

Intercourse timing

In actual the gender of a baby depends on the sperm gets into the female egg first. The sperm said to be either a sperm of male or sperm of female. By sperms, you will come to know the ultimate result either your baby is a male or a female. If you and your partner want to conceive a baby boy, it is the best approach that you should have timing in your intercourse sexual activities. Your intercourse timing should relative to ovulation of the woman. Male sperms have short span to live as compared to female sperms, in actual male sperms are faster swimmers and female sperm are slower swimmers. The male sperms reached the egg first if you have a sexual intercourse close to a woman’s ovulation. The most important factor is that you should have timing on your sexual intercourse activities.

Watch your diet

Various studies proved that during the time of conception, a woman who eats high calories food are less likely to conceive a baby boy. During the time of conception, women who eat more cereals for breakfast will likely to conceive a baby boy. So women’s should focus on her diet. The food intake is a tremendous factor in conceiving a baby boy.

You and your partner should intake balanced diet. You both take foods that rich in nutrients and vitamins like iron, iodine, folic acid, and calcium, but not in fats. The diet also includes vegetables, fruits, dairy products, cereals, and legumes.

Cut down vices
This is an assumption that you and your partner should not have vices like drinking of alcoholic drinks and smoking. You should guide your partner and persuade him to stop his vices. Smoking and drinking are quite harmful to male sperm, it will reduce sperm counts, although reduced the faster male sperm. This is the major reason that heavy drinkers and smokers are quite less likely to have a baby boy.

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