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When focusing on the future, it is important to consider the following points:

1. Accepting One’s “make up.”

A sovereign God has truly designed each of us for a purpose – glorifying Him in all we do. Therefore, understanding that our make up is designed to assist us in being the lighthouse that beckons others toward His safe haven – understanding that we truly are “wired” to have our “lives read as a living gospel before men” – understanding that we can be respected in the quality of performing our life’s work Womens Obi Melifonwu Jersey , such that we can be asked about “a reason for the hope that is within us” – are all of paramount importance in our daily involvement in the “Kingdom things of life.” If we are fearfully and wonderfully made, then tapping into and enhancing the specifics of our design allows God to use our careers – our life ministries – to be salt and light in places where there isn’t any.

2. Enjoying Life’s Endeavors

Numerous surveys, both statistical and anecdotal, underscore the importance of enjoying ones’ work and the many pitfalls that result when that joy is not present. It could well be more important to be a state forestry service employee than to be the “heir apparent” to the MicroSoft presidency. The pathways to the counseling center entrances are littered with the remains of those who spent significant portions of their life’s time and energy in the pursuit of salary, title or organization, rather than fulfillment Womens Gareon Conley Jersey , as an extension of their personal design. Actually, much of Larry Burkett’s rationale for wanting to develop the Career Direct tool was because of the many phone callers to his Money Matters radio program from people that appeared to not only be in financial difficulties, but were “unhappily” in the wrong job!

3. Understanding One’s Personal Research Responsibilities

High school and entrance level college students alike should understand that one of the most important projects to implement is one of personal research via online skill assessment which would directly help find jobs for freshers. We all don’t have the same personality, skill sets, or interests to develop and bring to the workplace. We would do well to begin understanding what strengths and weaknesses we possess. It is all about finding out “how we’re wired.” There are various skill assessments such as online skill assessment that can be used during the high school years that would be very helpful in determining how one would choose colleges, majors Womens P.J. Hall Jersey , and best career choices, jobs for freshers, if attending college would not be the best choice.

The Career Direct guidance system is a tool that would provide a biblical worldview to the assessment process. It can optimally be used with high school seniors and above, highlighting student disciplines such as skills, interests, abilities Womens Kolton Miller Jersey , personality and values.

Additionally, public and private school guidance counselors have access to a large variety of online skill assessment tools, as well. A very useful tool for students in the 13-16 year stage is the “YES” (Youth Exploration Survey) available from Crown Financial Miinistries. Public schools make other assessment packages available. ACT’s programs, such as: Explore (8th to 10th grades,) Plan (10th grade,) ACT Assessment (those looking to College Mario Edwards Jr Jersey ,), online skill assessment and a host of other tools they provide are available and, in many cases, programmed as part of the public school curricula.

Many states have implemented “School to Work” programs that encourage preparation of high school resumes (passports) and have as a requirement development of a multi-year ICP (Individual Career Plan) that includes job-shadowing , online skill assessment , participation in civic and religious endeavors Karl Joseph Jersey , research of a variety of careers and post high school educational pursuits.

We ought to be preparing our private or home-schooled high school students to evaluate career and educational opportunities by encouraging their research and investigation of possibilities early in their grade school years . They ought not to be at risk when they enter the work world or the educational world, when compared with those who went through the public educational process.

Remember, this is all about doing rewarding and meaningful endeavors and “Kingdom Things” as we flesh out our Christian walk. Research on the “who we are & how we’re wired” part of God’s design is paramount to effective, happy effective living.
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