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The situation in sport at the moment is beyond disgusting. Botting hasn't been so prevalent. I see so many gamers botting. I'm not referring to gold farmers that have existed forever. I am referring to actual players botting/hacking on their mains. Because that's how things have become, they just don't give a crap anymore. You have plenty of people using macros, people watching their characters , afk Maple story M Mesos macroing and also lots of them are making it all the way to 250 without even being touched.

The fact that they even make it beyond 210 baffles me especially as it's so easy to discover macro botters. I really don't know if this laziness, lack of staff or lack of expertise on the GMs part since Nexon is never clear with us. I said they have done nothing and before the V patch more gamers would be macro botting. After a patch like this you'd have desired the GMs to be out in full force ensuring nobody starts botting for arcane symbols and nodestones. Regrettably they gotten away with it since there's no GMs about.

You have the world record event running. There's a hacker/gold farmer that has a world record....still not banned btw. Just shows you how bad the situation is atm. In no longer than 1 these players would be banned in any match day.Well, magic is a type of energy in and of itself, so if you're going to use magic, that's power to destroy energy you're still left with all the energy you made to destroy the energy.

Unless maybe he some kind of magic anti-energy/matter that cancels out regular energy/matter, but he would need an equal amount of anti-energy/matter, not only for a Maplestory M Mesos single world but for ALL the universes (we already know from Buddy Story and Kinesis the"real world" universe is within that kingdom ).The"magical dispersant illusion" concept would likely make more sense than this, unless perhaps you want to say there are like anti-universes that, when combined, will cancel out routine universes as well as themselves.

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