Do you currently own a business? Are you responsible for your own SUCCESS? Are you responsible for your own ACCOUNTABILITY? Especially in home business Samaje Perine Black Jersey , over 97% of people have no success due to the lack of commitment to themselves and their business. By exercising a simple technique called Time Blocking, you can be sure to not only define your commitment, but you are able to increase productivity on every level within your life!

What is Time Blocking? Time Blocking is the process of organizing your plan of action(s) into a set schedule. This should be a routine that you can follow on a daily basis. This does not just mean scheduling to take an action at ex. 6pm, but it means to actually block your time to the point where you are committing to take action without any other distractions. For instance, if you were to time block 2 hours for prospecting by phone, you are to not have anyhing but a phone and a list of numbersleads to call within that time period. This means no checking e-mail, Facebook Fabian Moreau Black Jersey , Twitter, eating, watching TV, or anything else that will help you stall from the task at hand. Time Management is key! It will help you battle your overall bad procrastination habits by helping you stay in a productive and creative mindset.

3 weeks from now on Thursday afternoon at 2:21pm Ryan Anderson Black Jersey , you should know exactly what you are doing! You will want to time block your sleep, gym, sports, job, karate, church, family Jonathan Allen Black Jersey , prospecting, email, content creation, follow-up, business events, self development. Be smart about it! Don’t block out your content creation at 3pm when people are awake – that is for after hours because this is still prospecting time. If you live on the West Coast, you need to wake up earlier to keep up with people on the East Coast. Make sure that you commit at least 1 hour a day to self development whether it be marketing training Derrius Guice Black Jersey , mindset training, or reading a good book such as “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. Setting up your 90 day Time Block is easy; all you need to do is block out 1 week. Then, you just duplicate it over, and over, and over again.

If you are not talking to at least 10 people about business on a daily basis Da'Ron Payne Black Jersey , then you need to Time Block. I am personally challenging you to Time Block for the next 90 days. You should be able to send that over to me so I know exactly what you are doing Sunday 4 weeks from now at 11:32am. It helps to have an accountability partner who is doing the same exact thing.

Brian Cain wrote this article to help struggling business owners dig deeper as entrepreneurs. Time blocking is a great way to start building a productive environment. You can find the original article HERE. Brian also offers marketing training and can help you generate more leads at his Training Center.

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