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A text that is yellow will broadcast in the Kritias RuneScape gold area on the current channel when the Commander has been defeated. Once defeated, the Commander will RuneScape gold no more have the ability to participate for the rest of the Invasion.Cannot Redeem for Rewards at MapleStory2 players wrote to tell that they can not Redeem for Rewards from MapleStory. We will have a discussion on this issues today.

I really feel like there should be that big blue event publication that formerly existed on the left side of the menu where it showed all ongoing/soon to come events for another month or so. It was a tab when it stopped to reveal exactly what went on, reward it granted. It exists, they just moved it to the base of the display (the green button to the right of the Cash Shop button).

Not that it can be depended on. We've had occasions in the past in which it showed there was a day still to go, and yet the quests stopped or the NPC disappeared.In this specific case, though, both the upgrade notes and the event calendar showed the event ending on 4/4, therefore there was no reason to believe the rewards might be maintained later.

Eh, while I believe the clock hurried , lost and should accept it with a bit more elegance; there is a legitimate complaint on the market. Chocky Day and the events that are Artifact had catch-up mechanisms set up for those who missed out on two or a day midway through or on. Therefore, it is cheap OSRS gold not too unreasonable to ask that later occasions that work in a similar manner have a buffer of an extra day or so at the end to help those who may lose out on the last event reward"

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