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Last week Scott Douglas published an article on with the title “Sales of Minimalist Shoes Plummet.” I’ve seen this article referenced a number of places over Adidas NMD Mens the past week, and I wanted to add a few comments.
The data that Douglas referenced come from a SportsOneSource 1st Quarter 2013 summary report. According to the report, “SOS collects point of sale data from most of the major U.S. Sporting Goods, Athletic Footwear and Running and Outdoor specialty retailers.” This is an important point since it shows that the data do not necessarily reflect what actual runners are buying, but rather a broader view of sales out of multiple Nike Air Max 270 Mujer retail channels (presumably including things like big box sporting goods stores and mall shoe stores in addition to running specialty stores). From a business perspective this makes sense – most running shoes that are purchased are probably not actually used for running, and running shoe companies would not be nearly as profitable if they catered only to hard-core Nike Air Max 95 Womens runners. So the SOS data are a good indicator of the broader picture of what people are buying, but not necessarily a good indicator of what runners are actually wearing out on the roads.Regarding running, here is what the report had to say:“Running, declared dead by the stock market, continues to accelerate. Sales of Running shoes grew in the high singles for the period. The conventional categories have rebounded nicely.Stability improved in the mid-teens, Motion Control Nike Air Max 90 Womens more than +25% and Cushioning in the mid singles. Lightweight, which remains the largest sub category, grew in the low teens.One casualty of the return to more conventional (but lighter weight) shoes has been the Minimalist/Barefoot trend. Net of Nike Free, Minimalist/Barefoot declined in the low teens and represented only about 4% of total Running. It appears Nike Air Max 90 Mujer this fad is pretty much over.The core Running brands all had strong sales increases. Under Armour Running doubled for the year so far. Brooks and Mizuno improved about 40%, Asics about 25% and Saucony in the low teens.Nike (60% share) Running grew in the high teens. Adidas and Reebok both declined sharply. Last year to date, Reebok had 10% market share in Running; this year their share was 3%.”One might look at these data and conclude that minimalism is dead – when Nike Air Presto Mujer Nike Free is removed (because SOS doesn’t consider them to be a shoe used much by runners), minimalist/barefoot sales represented only 4% of sales in the running shoe market. This is indeed a small number, and the trend is that sales have been decreasing of late.My question is how the minimalist/barefoot category is defined if Nike Free is included, and that gets Nike Air Max Classic BW Womens to my issue when trying to interpret much of the sales data that is out there. I don’t know what is included in these categories, or how they are defined. If the Nike Free Run 5.0 is included in the minimalist/barefoot category, then the definition must be pretty broad and would have to include competitors like the Saucony Mirage/Kinvara, the entire New Balance Minimus range, all of the Brooks PureProject, etc. Judging by which of my reviews get the most traffic (top 5 Nike Air Huarache Womens reviews so far this year in terms of # of hits are of the Brooks PureCadence, Saucony Kinvara, Skechers GoRun 2, Saucony Virrata, and Brooks PureFlow), shoes like the Kinvara/Mirage and Brooks PureProject are among the most popular out there right now among runners. When I was at Saucony HQ a few months ago they told me the Kinvara is one of their top selling shoes. I’d guess that the PureProject is doing quite well for Brooks too. My guess would be that most of those shoes are Nike Air Max 2017 Mujer in the “lightweight” category that is mentioned in the report, which is where I’d see the Nike Free fitting in (Nike Free is amply cushioned and all but the Free 3.0 are above 4mm drop).
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