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The reason that Sextants really are a"noob trap" extends back the concept of Sextant blocking. Plain and simple, Sextants possess a good deal of poor mods: mods MaplestoryM Mesos you would never want to wear your maps, and mods that are basically a waste of the money you invested on the Sextants. So you, as a Sextant user, would like to mitigate the amount of times you are able to find these poor Sextants. Luckily, there's a means. Regrettably, it's costly and confusing.

Sextant blocking is if you put Sextants on maps that are Maplestory M Mesos nearby, rather than the map you are going to run. The maps you place the terrible mods on are the ones just out of reach, and won't affect the map you like. The reason for this is simple: a map may not have two copies of the same mod on it.One is. Two is just one of the maps that are close enough to set a Sextant on, which will in turn hit map .

Which leaves three out of scope. Three is too far away from one for its mods to affect the map, but it is close enough to affect two.Because a map cannot have two of the very same mods on it, you can place Sextants on map until you get one you don't like. You leave it all there. As it's affecting twocannot roll that lousy mod , and because you are not actually running a map within the range of the awful mod, it remains there forever. You don't need to reapply it.

Because two isn't the map influenced by buy maplestory mobile mesos three buy mesos maple story m it becomes confusing. The truth is that two channels can't have the same mod isn't exclusive to two and three's relationship. Because three puts that poor mod onto 2, one also cannot roll that bad mod. If one and three had the exact same bad mod, then two would have two instances of it, which is prohibited. Therefore, blocking off three is doubly efficient.

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