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Recently Bryan Bulaga Jersey , running backs have?experienced somewhat of a resurgence?in the NFL. Despite just being those players who score a few touchdowns, they mean much more. They help to manage time. If you have a running back that can carry the ball 25-30 times a game and gain on average four yards a carry, you have a guy that can slow down the game, and keep your defense off the field. Having a good running back also keeps defenses from getting tired.

It keeps the opposing defense on their toes, to always be prepared for the run Davonte Lambert Jersey , but having to question when the pass plays are coming. Most importantly, they make play-action plays that much more effective. You see it time and time again where dominant running backs, can either fake out the play action really well, or get the defense caught off guard as they??e in pass coverage, even though a run play is coming. There?? so many important things that running backs do Cassius Marsh Jersey , but in this instance, we??e worried about touchdowns.

Some running backs get really involved, while others may not. When we say what running backs will score 10 touchdowns, we??e talking total touchdowns. This is on the ground, and in the passing game. Quite a few running backs do it that are really involved Cordarrelle Patterson Jersey , while others aren?? as involved. So, which running backs will be the top in the league, and which running backs will underachieve? You may be surprised to see some running backs won?? perform to what you may have expected.

Cowboys wide receiver Terrance Williams was arrested early this morning.

The Star-Telegram reports that police responded to a call of a vehicle accident at 4:45 a.m. near the Cowboys’ headquarters and found a 2017 Lamborghini had struck a light pole, and the driver had fled the scene.

Police ran the plate and found that the Lamborghini was registered to Williams. Police later located him riding an electric bicycle in a roadway, and when they stopped him they arrested him for public intoxication. The traffic accident is still being investigated and Williams has not been charged for that.

Williams is currently not practicing during the Cowboys’ offseason program as he recovers from a foot injury.

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