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Because it relies largely on spells that RuneScape gold scale with your level, you do not need to worry about min-maxing your equipment--actually you are able to RuneScape gold play quite deep in to endPOE game without any of these suggest unique items. Totem builds aren't for everybody, as they are a very passive offensive style that relies on putting totems that cast spells for you as you focus on moving around and dodging any mortal attacks.

Nevertheless, if you love the notion of being the last boss in a bullet hell arcade shooter, this build rocks because your totems cover the area in bolts of frost that rip through enemies easily. The constant application of broad area-of-effect harm means that you can hastily tear through channels, so new Path of Exile players can focus more on the fundamentals of motion and positioning. As I said, it is also a fantastic build in that it is simple to play with it using only the rare items that you find on your own.

While Path of Exile's unique trade economy is a blast to mess around with, this build gives you an opportunity to research it at your own pace.As LiftingNerdBro clarifies, this isn't the construct you want to use if you plan to farm bosses. If you're new or a casual Path of Exile participant, do not sweat this, but the absence of acceptable single-target damage will draw out boss experiences and also make them a small slog.

Throughout the leveling procedure, this won't RSGOLDFAST matter, but this build is much better off for general map clearing and farming instead.LiftingNerdBro also has a useful written guide you can mention over on the forums--and yes, he includes some fantastic leveling tips if you are brand new.Engineering Eternity's Thicc Jugg Tank has become a community favorite due to its impenetrable layer of cheap OSRS gold defense that lets Path of Exile players face-tank just about any boss.

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