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Rotating shoes has probably saved me from injury and allowed me to run on days due to one ailment or another that I may have otherwise not made it out the door. My shoe arsenal includes Altra Nike Air Max Zero Womens Instincts up to Brooks Cascadias. I’ve noticed Asics even advertises shoes that maybe complementary to each other like rotating the Super J-33 and the GT-2000Nike Roshe Run Womens , biased that it maybe. I’ve only been running for a little over two years, and I thought rotating was part of the game. Great continued posting on the subject.While I do agree that buying enough running shoes so as to have a decent rotation is a costly proposition, I think it can also be rationalized that having a shoe rotation spreads out the wear-and-tear across the individual pairs, making them last longer. So maybe having a shoe rotation isn’t that much more expensive than sequentially replacing pairs as they get worn out, at Nike Air Max 90 Donne least when you think of it in terms of total outlay over time.My first thoughts are the same as Zed’s – it shouldn’t really cost a runner any more Nike Air Vapormax Damen to have several pairs of shoes, as you’re still getting the same mileage out of each pair. Rather than having one pair that lasts 3 months, you have 2 pairs that last 6 months (for a very simplified example).
The benefit to shoe companies wouldn’t necessarily come from rotation in and of itself – but rather if rotation allows runners to run more consistently/avoid injury, they’ll put on more miles and thus need shoes more frequently. But that’s a somewhat more minimal increase in shoe outlay – I don’t see any reason why rotating shoes should be seen as any more expensive, really.I was an adopter of more minimal footwear around 5 years ago after reading up on pose and chi-running. It Nike Air Max 270 Womens was a deliberate more in the belief that there must be more to it than simply heading out the door with whatever running style I had lazily acquired.Adidas Gazelle Womens After trying some lower racing flats and taking to them rather well I took a further step and went for the minimalist Vivobarefoot Neo. The minimalist shots helped to strengthen feet and calves and I believed they were working all of my lower leg more. However, using the Brooks Green Silence for occasional longer runs (over 10km to marathon) I found that the lateral strength of my lower legs and muscles around my knees had weakened while using the minimalist shoes on many shorter runs to the point that my knees would ache even after using the flats for a shorter run.
The conclusion I take from this: a healthy mixture of different types of shoes help to keep the different muscles Nike Air Max 90 Mujer Negrastoned, balanced and avoid chronic injuries from too much running in one type of shoe. Though the shoes must suit running style and not cause great Nike Air Max 95 Femme variations in biomechanics that are likely to cause injury. Like Others I’m a firm believer in running different terrain when possible.I agree with all of the info I had read in Tread Lightly with the fact that the foot will do what it does regardless of shoe but from experience dealing with injuries, a Brooks Pureflow, Hoka Bondi and Newton Gravity all react different with the ground. I run primarily in the Hoka’s but had a nagging lower calf/achilles injury. I ran a couple days in my Newton Gravity shoes and it cleared up and has not been back. Not sure what it changed but it worked. I have been more conscious of the rotation of shoes since.I just stumbled across this blog and thought Nike Air Max 90 Womens Turquoise I would add the perspective of a senior citizen. I began competitive running in 1962 in the days when we raced sockless – in shoes that would now be Nike Air Max 95 Hommecalled bare minimalist. I still run in versions of those shoes from the late 70’s to mid 80’s. I only throw them away when they are beyond repair with a glue gun. I was fortunate enough to be a sponsored runner back then, so the vast majority of them were free. Now that I’m retired I couldn’t afford the current models even if I was interested, but my point with this response is to illustrate that it is not the shoes but the running form that allows for life-long enjoyment of the sport.
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