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My wife has been on my case Nike Air Max 2017 Mens for months to read Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption. The book, by Laura Hillenbrand (author of Seabiscuit), tells the story of Louis Zamperini, a runner who competed in the 5000m at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. The book tells the story of his running career as well as his experiences as a soldier during WWII (he was shot down, stranded in a lifeboat, and was taken as a POW by the Japanese). I’ve been meaning to read Unbroken for awhile now, but am a bit ashamed to admit that I’ve become so accustomed to reading books on Kindle that I haven’t overcome the hurdle of my wife’s hardcover paper copy (just bought the Kindle version, so no more excuses!).
Steve Magness just Tweeted a preview of the forthcoming movie that has been adapted from Nike Air Presto Hombre the book (the preview is narrated by Tom Brokaw and Nike Air Max Thea Mens aired during coverage of the Winter Olympics). Looks fantastic!Runblogger Forum member Michael recently posted a video from Asics that features the Asics Super J33 running shoe. The Super J33 is kind of the stability version of the Gel Lyte33, a shoe that I like a lot. I bought the Super J33 as well for a review, but have not had a chance to run in them (this winter has killed my road shoe miles).The video is interesting in that it compares a guy running both barefoot and in the Super J33 shoes on a lab trackway. Asics describes the shoe as a “natural running shoe for overpronators” and makes claims about 45% of runners being overpronators and how overpronating can put more stress on muscles and ligaments. When I see claims like this about overpronation, my immediate reaction is Nike Air Max Zero Damskie to reference this excellent post by podiatrist Ian Nike Air Vapormax Mujer Griffiths, who writes:
“…the term ‘overpronation’ is neither accurate, descriptive nor meaningful, and should therefore be erased from modern day usage in both the lay and the medical communities.”I guess this shoe allows you to run naturally minus that nasty overpronation, which really needs to be corrected so that you run a bit less naturally.
Oh, and the shoe also apparently changes your natural foot strike as well (assuming by natural running they mean running like you do when you’re barefoot):In actuality, the video is pretty cool in that it shows how things can in fact change when you go from barefoot to shod, and that shoes do influence gait. It does also seem like the runner pronates less when in the shoe (hard to tell without using bone pins since estimates of eversion Nike Air Max 90 Mens based Adidas Superstar Hombre on external markers are unreliable), but I’Nike Air VaporMax Damen d ask if that’s necessarily a good thing?
I’m not opposed to the idea of a stabillity shoe, and I do think that reducing pronation can be a positive thing in managing certain injuries (particularly if the shoe is causing the excessive pronation). My guess is that I’ll like running in the Super J33. But as Ian Griffiths always likes to point out, overpronation is not a diagnosis. It is not something that must be controlled at all costs. Sometimes controlling how the body wants to move can be just as problematic as trying to make it move the way we think it should. I’d hoped we’d moved beyond this with the science that has come out over the past several years, but apparently not. The battle rages onWhen I figured out the game these guys are playing a few years ago, it made me very negative Adidas Superstar Womens about brands like Asics.
I went for a gait analysis and was told I’d gone from being an over-pronator (how terrible!) to a neutral runner. And I remember thinking that a) all these running companies had been telling me that that was impossible and b) when I looked at the gait analysis I could see exactly what was happening – I’d started to land midfoot with my foot moving backwards when it landed so the pronation essentially became invisible and irrelevant.
I don’t expect all these companies to become Inov8 or Newton overnight, and maybe they need to tell these watered down lies for a bit longer, but you can’t help thinking they now understand the problem but refuse to address it directly for fear of undermining all their silly expensive fat Kayano-type shoes.

Well done to companies like Brooks and Sketchers (never thought I’d Nike Air Max 97 Womenssay that) for being more honest.
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