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As for the future console version of the game, the group intends to synchronize events with people that are readily available to PC users. However, the studio encounters some issues when working in this way, so that they proceed with some lag. Meanwhile, the team will continue to tera gold us work hard and in the summer of fans awaiting fresh content and events that are scheduled.TERA - In May brand new content on the consoles will appear every week

Recently, MMORPG TERA has become available on the PlayStation 4 and XBox One consoles and En Masse Entertainment has contributed plans with enthusiasts to get into new content. Starting May 4, developers will be released on an upgrade every week. In the first patch of gamers, the Keep of Lilith's's dungeon is awaiting five individuals, as well as new items.

As soon as May 8, users will be able to try their hands at PvP in the Fortress of the Corsairs. This battlefield is designed for characters level 65 and is a siege where side calms the fortress, and also the next strikes it, and, in the next round, the teams change roles. Additionally, from May 18 to 27 there'll be an occasion with double experience for killing monsters in the open world and dungeons.

In the last week of this month, on Cheap tera gold May 22, a tough version of the story dungeon Ruinous Manor will start. The dungeon can be passed by a set of five tera gold xbox personalities of level 65, and the minimum degree of items is 422.In addition, the developers have prepared for the user many tera gold us surprises, which they claim to tell in the near future.Gameforge, the writer of MMORPG TERA in the European area, announced the coming merger of servers.

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