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In another human SCI study, Tau protein measurement was image performed upon CSF samples, obtained during a period of 72 hours, in 27 patients with complete or incomplete SCI. The CSF Tau concentrations were elevated in a severity-dependent fashion (52). Tau protein clearly merits more research to establish this diagnostic potential.
MAP2 is primarily expressed in the nervous system and is one of the most abundant proteins in the 17 alpha-propionate  65 and 74. MAP2 interacts with microtubules through its tubulin-binding domain, which mainly associates with the acidic region of the C-terminal region of tubulin. MAP2 is thought to be a dendrite-specific protein (23) and is thought to be a good candidate for a dendritic injury biomarker 45 and 46.
In SCI, There is only minimal basic and clinical research regarding MAP2 as a biomarker. In one animal study, the extent and time course of MAP2 loss were examined after SCI (120). Within 1−6 hours after SCI, there is rapid loss of MAP2 at the injury site. This study suggests Multiforked chromosome MAP2 may have potential as a structural biomarker in TBI.
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