Golden Jers

rsquo;m typing as we go. … ‘expects to sign with … New England … barring any final snags … per sources.’ Okay? … I just posted. There we go. … Thank you very much. Okay Youth Robert Golden Jersey , bye.”

Schefter hangs up and lets out a yell — “How’s that for a bomb? Wooo!” — and then he practically skips down the hall to his next TV hit, on SportsCenter.

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* * *

9:22 a.m.

After announcing the Gilmore news on SportsCenter, Schefter retreats to Studio W, where ESPN shoots its NFL shows (and which was recently named after Chris Berman and Tom Jackson). Schefter has a desk there, next to the control room. Since he has some free time before his next TV spot, he sets up shop, spreading out his notes, pulling up Twitter on the computer, plugging in one of his two phones.

This, Schefter explains, is why he has two devices. If one dies he always has the other. If one has bad cell reception he always has the other—they’re on different providers Logan Woodside Jersey Elite , AT&T and Verizon. And they both have all the same contact numbers, so he can text and tweet while still talking to a source, which helps him break news that much faster.

Just then, a source calls asking about a potential Jets trade involving a quarterback.

“That’s the first I’ve heard of it,” Schefter says. “That doesn’t mean it’s not true.”

Still, the source wants an answer, and he knows Schefter will eventually have one.

“You’re going to look into it?” the source asks. “Keep me posted. Very interested.”

* * *

10:22 a.m.

More calls. More texts. More gossip. Schefter checks in on linebacker Dont’a Hightower, guard Kevin Zeitler and cornerback A.J. Bouye. He investigates a potential Malcolm Butler-for-Brandin Cooks trade between the Patriots and Saints.

Then someone from the camp of a headline free agent calls, asking Schefter for advice. The player has whittled his choice down to two teams: one that has a winning culture and one that was offering more money. Schefter dissects the decision from both sides, laying out the pros and cons. He even looks up the state income taxes and calculates the difference with each team. “He wants to win; he wants to play, right?” Schefter asks. “What’s most important to your guy?” As they hang up, the caller agrees to let Schefter know when the player will sign.

Schefter consults his notes again Cheap Kendall Wright Jersey , scanning the Markman 50 list, looking for another call to make. “Zeitler to the Browns is going to get done,” he says. Zeitler is 35 points.

How does Schefter know? “I can tell,” he says. “You’ve been living this for a month. You take little notes. Like, I have the teams [interested], and I know Cleveland’s coming on hard, and I know Cleveland’s got over $100 million cap space, and I just—they’re desperate, they’re going to pay him through the roof.”

Will he check in on that now? “Well,” he says, “you’ve got to know the teams, you’ve got to know the personalities. You’ve got to know how to do this Authentic Customized Bills Jerseys , navigate it. You also have to show restraint. You can’t be annoying. And so I reached out on Zeitler at 9:30, and I haven’t gotten anything back. … The trick is, you’ve got to know when to throw your lifeline. Like, okay, I’ve got one chance to call this guy. If you get them on the phone, you’ve got ’em.”


* * *

11:09 a.m.

In the middle of Schefter’s flurry of calls, Alshon Jeffery (49 Markman points) rings him, wanting to know how much money the other free-agent receivers are making. Players sometimes contact Schefter with questions like this because he likely has that information even if he hasn’t reported it, as is the case here. Indeed, as they talk Schefter receives a text saying that Torrey Smith will be signing with the Eagles.

Schefter goes through the contract numbers on Smith, Jackson and Pierre Garçon, slowly Youth Kansas City Chiefs Hats , so Jeffery can apparently write them down. “It’s all about the guarantee, Alshon,” Schefter says. “It’s all about the guarantee … Your average per year could be $100 million. It doesn’t matter. If they’re going to guarantee you the majority of the contract, that’s what you want.”

Schefter asks where Jeffery is going. Jeffery doesn’t have an answer yet. Schefter asks that Jeffery notify him when he does make a decision and leaves the conversation at that.

After he hangs up, Schefter explains that he helps players like that “hoping that they reciprocate. Some people do, and some people don’t. And we’re going to find out.”

* * *

11:20 a.m.

After Schefter breaks the news of wide receiver Robert Woods’ signing with the Rams, he heads down another hallway on his way to his 11:30 First Take appearance. He’s talking to another source when he suddenly spins around with a panicked look on his face. “I need my computer! I can’t go on [TV] now!”

Back in the NFL studio, Schefter had left his e-mail open on his computer for anyone to see, and cameraman, techni. Authentic Womens Thomas Rawls Jersey , Authentic Womens Harold Landry Jersey , Adidas Filip Forsberg Jersey , Womens Chase Edmonds Jersey ,

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