Proximity Marketing Strategy Techniques

Proximity marketing is a great addition to your current marketing plan. With the increased popularity of mobile marketing, smart business owners are incorporating SMS marketing and other forms of mobile marketing to reach more consumers and increase their brand recognition and sales.
If you’re getting ready to develop a mobile marketing plan, here are some tips for SMS marketing that will help you create a successful campaign.

• Know who your consumers are and what they want: Use social media and blogs to create conversations with your customers. Invite feedback from them and listen when they speak. Learn what it is that they want and offer it to them with your marketing campaign. You should also use your social media sites to invite consumers to opt-in to receive special deals.

Proximity Marketing

• Take advantage of seasonality: Design your campaign around seasonal events such as, back to school, summer vacations, holidays and BBQ season. Offer special coupons and deals to your subscribers that coincide with these and other seasonal events.

• Limit what you send: Be considerate to your subscribers and limit the amount of campaigns you run. Consider sticking to once a week or a couple of times a month. Never send text messages late at night or in the early morning hours. If you become to pesky, consumers will ignore your messages or opt-out of them completely.

• Reward your loyal subscribers: To convince consumers to opt-in to your campaigns offer something special such as, “Free 2 liter bottle of soda with your pizza” or “Buy one, get one free” deals. Once they have opted-in, continue to reward them for being valuable customers by sending coupons and special deals to their mobile phones that are redeemable within a short period of time.

• Always include a strong call to action: Each campaign should include a call to action such as, ‘redeem this coupon within 24 hours to receive 25% off your meal’ or ‘schedule your appointment by Friday to receive 20% off your next manicure’.

• Make it easier for your subscribers to share the message: Finish each text message with ‘Forward to a friend’. Consumers love sharing deals with their friends and family, and it will help increase your list.
A well rounded marketing plan for your business should include multiple marketing tools and marketing SMS should be a part of it.

Providing relevant advertising to your your customers is one of the greatest challenges for all business owners. Your customers are always on the move and always have their mobile phones with them, so the key to being relevant is understanding their whereabouts in the real world and making sure to reach out at the right time and place. We have the BEST Proximity Marketing Devices that enables you to do just that.
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