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Examples of proximity marketing
Proximity Marketing Services

1. Distribute brochures
The most classic and visible technique of all is to distribute leaflets on the street. It is not the most modern, but it is one that best defines the initial concept of proximity marketing. The businesses that most use this form of selling are the NGOs, the discotheques, the restaurants and the aesthetic centers.
In another context, political parties also tend to advertise on the street during election campaigns. Brochures are distributed and also, depending on the party, small booths are usually installed at strategic points. There is no simpler strategy than this:  the seller or the seller is usually close to the establishment or at key points in the locality to invite potential customers to try their products and get to know, more closely, their physical stores.

Another advantage is that the brochures include some type of discount that the client can not miss. This is a technique quite used by fast food establishments.

2. Connection to a Wi-Fi network
> It seems that lacking an Internet connection is increasingly becoming one of the main social anxieties. For this reason, some companies are already taking advantage of these needs like nobody else.
That a company bet more and more to offer free Wi-Fi is already a fact. An example of this is the Basque telephone company Euskaltel, which offers free Wi-Fi access at key points in Basque cities. It is necessary that those interested are customers of the company to have this service for free, in addition to downloading the app, which facilitates contact with the customer through messages, sending campaigns and promotional mails

3. QR codes
QR codes are a kind of improved version of the classic bar code that can be read with the mobile phone. When the device reads the code, it is interpreted as a redirection action to the campaign.
Behind each QR code there is more information, that's why brands are already taking advantage of this opportunity to offer discounts and more knowledge about the brand through the code. Museums, for example, already use this technique behind each work to learn more about artists, authors, collections and works of art.

4. Bluetooth
In addition to the connection between devices, Bluetooth is also used for commercial actions, such as sending customers offers or coupons. An example of successful proximity marketing is the case of Red Bull , which carried out strategies for users to receive their promotions through Bluetooth. 
As we explained in Bluetooth 5.0 Arrives: The smart home revolution , the technical improvements in Bluetooth multiply the possibilities to offer more personalized and faster campaigns through beacons synchronized with mobile devices. Both in retail, personalizing the offers as much as possible, or in other areas, such as in a museum offering the user all the information of the works he is visiting.
Beacons are great allies in your proximity marketing actions

5. Geolocation
It is very common to confuse proximity marketing with marketing exclusively based on geolocation,this being only one of the forms and strategies of proximity marketing.

If activating geolocation means being able to receive promotions and discounts, the client usually does not hesitate, the option is simply activated and the business offers you the opportunity to pay less for a product that you were looking for or that may impress you
In this way, the advertiser will know more details about the client and may have it as an objective for their campaigns and allow the company to act on the basis of geolocation information that allows segmentation.

Take into account the customer, know where he is moving, his tastes and take advantage of the opportunities that brings you closer, both physically and virtually, to people generates greater confidence and knowledge of the brand and its products. There are already many businesses that use proximity marketing and include

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