Why Soundtracks are So Important to Horror Movies

Simply reading the title as soon as i've probably conjures pictures of some classic scenes from scary movies often used and grown to love through the years. A high level fan in the horror genre, you will most probably know a lot, and you'll understand the classics from your flops and of poor quality movies, but you may well not are aware that one of the primary allies on the success and effectiveness of the horror film is its soundtrack, and also the expertise of the music over those frightening scenes.

There will always be instances of classic soundtracks, then one from the horror genre are the 'Jaws' franchise. Yes, you already know the little bit of music I'm talking about, and yes it is indeed a classic, so why isn't it only iconic but vital to the film?


Music in films i think is obviously important, however in the horror genre it seems much more. My explanation? I have faith that for a horror film to work as a concept, it has to be given serious attention, and also the sole method this could happen is actually every aspect of the film works. A bad soundtrack that has been thrown together or poorly considered will not likely turn the show right into a classic.

Once i studied music, Going an exercise we were asked to do which involved choosing a bit of funny music (something might go with footage of the clown by way of example) and putting it over the top from the scariest film we will think of. The scary nature from the film instantly evaporated as the music that set the setting was taken away.

As well as a chance to ruin a film, the soundtracks also provide a chance to make a film. You can find examples of films i believe can be thought to be mediocre that were turned into great films by the music that accompanies them. It's all about setting the scene and driving the movie forward, and when this is done within an intelligent way then obviously it features a huge baring about the movie. Some very nice examples of soundtracks often work together with cult or classic films for example Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, American Beauty plus more, the list truly is limitless, nevertheless they simply wouldn't have already been as good with no great soundtrack. This is especially valid from the horror genre.
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