Chinese Green Tea - A Guide to Acquiring Top Quality Tea

There is a solid association benefits of green tea between top quality of Chinese teas and also their pleasure. Chinese teas are similar to wine here, with neighborhood costs for the same tea varying drastically based on viewed top quality. As an example the local Chinese price for 500 gms of Dragon Well tea (one of the most popular green), could vary between $US 3 as well as $United States 3,000 (ie a 1000 fold difference) related to regarded quality. (ie much like the price distinction for an inexpensive container of Chardonnay versus a vintage created in minimal quantities by a respected well known brand name). Given that the regional Chinese market is reasonably mature with skilled buyers, the regional people normally recognizes and accepts this - yet other purchasers, specifically westerners can end up being confused by the high quality differentials within the exact same Chinese tea kind (ie Dragon Well Tea).


Are all teas identified with 'premium' high quality best green tea good quality?

Short Response: No. There are teas on the marketplace labelled 'unique' and also 'genuine' of extremely low quality, or with insufficient packaging or storage space to make it possible for top quality retention.

Just how herbal tea crucial is the geographic organization with a tea kind?

Tea is an incredibly traditional product. It takes a lengthy history to improve the art of manufacturing particular to a kind of tea produced in a location with conditions favouring that tea range. For example Dragon Well tea is commonly created in the Western Lake area in ZheJiang province, which as a tradition of the most effective plants as well as all-natural problems for this tea plant. Competition in between tea manufacturers in the area has drawn in the very best craftsmen to expand, harvest and make this tea kind. Techniques that offer an edge are a very closely guarded secret as well as handed downed with families. Therefore, one would not associate claim FuJian Province (where the very best Oolong teas are created) with top quality Dragon Well Tea.

Indicators of top quality eco-friendly tea

Product packaging and also storage: This is particularly essential for eco-friendly teas. Top quality teas, subjected to high temperature, air (oxidation), light and foreign order will certainly wear away quickly.

Vacuum cleaner sealed as well as cooled after manufacturing is an indicator of top quality teas. By contrast Environment-friendly Tea left resting on a supermarket racks, also if in a glossy container (and also especially if the container is a glass bottle) seldom are of top quality, because tea quality is degraded by exposure to area temperature levels and light.

Look: Costs high quality teas constantly have the best appearance.

- Leaf shape: differing environment-friendly tea ranges could have various shapes as an outcome of tea making processes - strings, level, needle shape, spiral and also round form. Dragon Well tea as an example is a flat tea, the tea leaves should certainly be complete bodied, level as well as smooth.
- Inflammation of the fallen leaves: green teas are made from tender leaf ideas, not greater than one bud, 2 leaves.
- The wealth of white hair on the back of the fallen leaves is also a great indicator regarding the quality and also young people of the tea leaves.

Colour: This likewise differs with the type of tea. Some quality indicators consist of glossily/fresh green, dark green or eco-friendly with "tinny" yellow (such as Dragon Well). Indications of low quality are: a variety of tea shapes/lack of body, leaves of numerous stages (young and old), dull/dark/lack of gloss in colour.

In summary then, by instance, Dragon Well Tea top quality is indicated by level full fallen leaves of regular dimension that are a green with "tinny" yellow leaf colour.

Future Valley Eco-friendly Tea write-ups will certainly define details quality characteristics of other tea types.

Brewed tea as well as taste/appearance of top quality:

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