Correctly Fitting a Riding Helmet

The times when the riding helmets was less a protection feature plus more a way statement. Not so currently. Amongst other items it can be vitally important to make certain the correct fit or the precautionary features of your modern helmet should not work. These simple guidelines can help make sure you get the best fit possible



To measure the rider's head use a measuring tape placed around the circumference of the head, across the forehead and above the ears. Make sure that your measurement is taken with the tape neither too loose or too tight person will not get a correct fit.


Using the measurement that you simply took, consult a sizing chart (easily available on the web) and discover the corresponding size on the chart. Helmets might have different sizing methods suited for the label and packaging so make sure you compose both the measurement you took and the hat size from the chart, you will need either or both.


Equipped with your sizes and measurements, head for a store. If this sounds like an appropriate to get a new rider then it is crucial that you can actually get a helmet on for those who all smudged the measuring or misread the size. It's possible to consider using a helmet on in a shop after which pop home and order online and maybe get yourself a better price.


With the helmet on your head, try rocking your face, will it move a lot of or can it feel too tight? If so consider using a size either sides of the one you will need to check if it is just a better fit. Try adjusting the lining, it might have moved in the shell. When the helmet feels perfectly, attach and adjust the chin-strap. Again, make certain that everything fits comfortably. The steer clear of most is good for the helmet to feel awkward when you're in your horse. The shopkeeper might be expert, utilize them, ask their advice.

Fashion Statement

If you are happy that the helmet fits right and feels right, you'll be able to tackle the fashion side of things. Helmet covers come in all sorts of colours so knock yourself too much, no-one declared you simply can't stay safe and search great!
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