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You may be one of us who has been driving for many years without being near a collision, yet you are waiting for the safety of wearing the seat belt. Know the safety of having it there, fastened around you in case something should happen.

There is a certain risk of traveling by car. There is a dangerous unpredictability associated with the fact that around you there are sometimes many other vehicles at quite a great pace and everyone is ruled by unpredictable people.

Let's play a little with the idea that someone would not want you to use a safety belt, that's a tough thought, but still:
They could use it against you. They could say,

"Yes, you drive with a safety belt, are you going to drive on someone?"
"Do you know you're driving so dangerous that you have to wear a safety belt?"
"Are you really such a bad driver that you can not drive without a seat belt?"
"It provokes us that you drive with a safety belt - it makes us unsafe."
"Do not you trust us other road users?"

"Do not you see that the bad drivers see you wearing a safety belt and that they will start using it too? The dangerous drivers will drive faster and more dangerous when they also wear safety belts. "
Can not you just keep it hanging in readiness? It all depends on you where you sit. It's just stretching your right arm over your body, grabbing the belt, pull it over you and fasten it! You must not drive around and think that something will happen all the time. It does not.

Do you see that the traffic suddenly causes you to collide in your car ... then you can put on the belt. You're up to it. It does not take long to get on the belt. If you feel too slow, you can only practice it.

Think about it: What is the likelihood that you will meet such traffic in traffic? You know that you've been driving for years without something wrong. This probably goes well.

Think of anyone who is happy and relieved to see that you are so confident about your driving skills that you choose not to use a seat belt! Nobody gets provoked! Our politicians can eventually inform other countries that traffic in the country is so peaceful that we have unsafe drivers and passengers.

Even the bad drivers would run more carefully, because they would not use a seat belt either. The bad drivers, those who might have had a splash of alcohol, or rushed to drugs. They would probably think that as long as the others do not use a seat belt, I will not use it either, so I'm going to drive a little extra carefully.

Should they come in your direction anyway, then you know where you have the safety belt, you're in the car with you.
Imagine being able to read in the newspaper that from 3 February 2016 no car driver in Norway will use a safety belt! We will return to the way it was before. In the past, almost no used seat belt.

How did it feel?
Use safety belt! It can save lives if the accident occurs. We do not know if it happens or when it happens. We know that maybe, and we know there is increasing traffic also on Norwegian roads! It is your security we are talking about.
In an old campaign text for the use of a safety belt, it said: "Someone loves you, use safety belts"
That text would have been terribly sad if you were not allowed to use a safety belt.

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