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Fancy yourself as the new Colin McRae? Why not put your money where your mouth is? Rally driving is no longer a privilege for the few rich and talented driver around the globe. Contrary to normal belief Eder Italy Jersey , you do not need to own your own car and special license to driver a rally car and you do not need to enter any competitions.

Rally driving is a great motor sport that sadly doesn't get the exposure it deserves. Granted there are no Ferraris or Porsches in this sport, but there are plenty of expertly customised Fords Daniele Padelli Italy Jersey , Subarus and Peugeots to take your pick from.

If you are interested in trying a day as a rally driver, there are many opportunities to choose from based on your skill and what you would like to try. For beginners there are basic course where you will learn the mechanics of handling a drifting car Claudio Marchisio Italy Jersey , while more advanced drivers can even try to complete a night rally, the ultimate in rally driving experiences to test skills and nerves.

If you are after the best of the best that rally driving has to offer Ciro Immobile Italy Jersey , look for a day course in driving the Subaru Impreza. This car is generally considered the best and most popular of all rally cars and comes with an impressive 280 horse power engine to help you get that grip you need on tough conditions.

You will first go through a full safety briefing before being let loose in this 4WD monster. Learn how to power brake, skid control and do handbrake turns on a special track built only for this purpose. Upon completion of three successful laps Blank Italy Jersey , you will be presented with an official certificate of completion.

For a truly unique day out, try the Ferrari and Rally combination. This package lets you experience both the high speed thrills of the amazing 183 mph Antonio Candreva Italy Jersey , 0-60 in 3.5 seconds Ferrari F360. Take this beauty around the race track after you have learned a few tricks of the trade from a skilled racing instructor.

Then when you have finished your laps, and hopefully set a new lap record Angelo Ogbonna Italy Jersey , you will have a few minutes to get your breath back before its of to the rally track in a customised Ford Focus. See if you can handle both of these challenging motor sports. The day will finish with an question and answer session, after which you can walk away with a special certificate to remember the day and brag to your mates about.

Choose a unique rally driving experience in a controlled environment for the driving thrill of a life time. You may enjoy the experience so much that you will want to make it your next recreational spare time hobby!

by Marzia De Giuli? Song Jian

MILAN? Italy? June 8 (Xinhua) -- With around 40 percent of the national car sharing services? Italy's business capital Milan is regarded as a positive example of a city which has made of traffic policies a new driver for development.

According to figures of the Milan municipality? there are some 2?300 shared vehicles in Milan belonging to five public and private operators? of which one provides totally electric cars. Registered users are around 300?000 overall for an estimated 8?000 rentals ever day on average.

Andrea Pizza? a 22-year economics student at Bocconi University in Milan? is among those citizens who have opted for sharing rather than owning a car. "The large number of cars in Milan -- more than 500 every 1?000 residents? according to figures of the Automobile Club of Italy (ACI) -- causes traffic congestion? and I find car sharing a convenient and effective solution?" he said.

A survey conducted by car sharing operators in Milan has showed that 12 percent of users have already decided to abandon their first or second own cars? while 8 percent are considering doing it. According to ACI figures? the number of car registrations has significantly dropped by some 50?000 since 2008? when the northern city first introduced a pollution charge and later? in 2012? a congestion charge.

"It is the easiest way for me to go to university? do shopping or just come back home after a night out with friends?" Pizza went on saying? pointing at the "Share'NGO" ZD electric microcar behind him? which is produced by China's Geely group and has all the typical features of a citycar: two seats? a 300 liters car boot? power brakes? power steering? rear parking sensor? air-conditioning and adjustable seats.

"It looks like a tiny car? but in fact it is big enough. I share my apartment with five friends of mine and we do the shopping for the whole of us with this car?" Pizza said. "I think Milan is a best practice as regards car sharing services? and I feel to be a model and modern citizen when I use them. Actually anybody could be?" he added.

Among the most recent traffic control initiatives? the Milan municipality has installed in collaboration with A2A? Italy's largest multi-utility company? 12 fast charging points for both shared and private electric vehicles? which add to the A2A recharging infrastructure counting around 150 charging points in Milan.

A new scooter sharing service has also been available since last summer to tackle two-wheeled congestion.

The use of car sharing is simple and convenient? another citizen who has given up his own car? 38-year-old consultant Marco Ceragioli said.

Ceragioli often needs to move from one place to another in Milan. "I used to own a car? but then I realized that it was easier and also more economically convenient for me to use the car2go services?" he said. "In this way? I neither need to look for a parking lot nor. Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale NBA Jerseys Wholesale MLB Jerseys From China Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Cheap Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Football Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap College Baseball Jerseys Wholesale Nike NBA Jerseys

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