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The data from this ONX0912 study reflect that in our institution, effective usage of MRI as a problem solving modality made a image huge impact in prompt delivery of accurate treatment to women with gynecological emergencies.
5. Conclusion
Although US remains the initial modality of choice in gynecological emergencies, there is increasing use of MRI in emergent settings, especially in large institutions with high throughput of patients. MRI is an effective imaging tool in diagnosing acute pelvic pathologies. Radiologists and clinicians need to be familiar with the imaging features of gynecological pathologies by MRI as well as its sensitivity, accuracy and limitations in detecting different pathologies to ensure its judicious use. This facilitates early diagnosis, and optimal management. The disadvantages of MRI are its prohibitive cost, its limited role in claustrophobic patients and Negative supercoiling patients unable to keep still for the duration of the imaging process due to severe pain.
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