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In conclusion, elevated MMP-3 serum levels reflect disease activity in RA patients and can be used as a specific marker for joint damage but the cross sectional design of this Pepstatin A study did not allow us to produce conclusions with respect to disease course and prognosis. Thus we recommend further studies on large numbers of patients and serial measurements image of MMP-3 to determine the rate of disease progression or erosion development and we recommend using MMP-3 level as a useful marker for disease activity.
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CD14++CD16+ monocytes; CD14+CD16+ monocytes; IL17; Rheumatoid arthritis; Disease activity score (DAS28)
1. Introduction
Accumulating evidence supports that cluster of differentiation CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells play an essential role in controlling rheumatoid arthritis (RA) [1]. T helper-17 cells and interleukin (IL-17) play an important role in the pathogenesis of inflammatory and destructive pattern characteristic [2]. In a previous study, proteinase-activated receptor-2 expression on monocytes was remarkably high in active RA patients and consistent with a pathogenic role while its expression on CD3+ T-cells was not [3].
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