Summer Day Camp Requirements

Long, fun-filled days outside the sun winning contests, splashing around in the water and simply hanging out with friends are what make day camp stand out to kids. Ensure that your child comes with a easy, carefree time at camp by being sure he or she has all the right essentials. Most camps will point a listing of what kids should - and cannot -bring. Following are a few basics to your youngster to tote along. Make sure you label everything using your child's name.

Backpack. There's lots of stuff to get to summer day camp. Pack everything up neatly inside a compartmented backpack along with your youngster have a more organized day. Have a large re-sealable Ziploc-type bag towards the bottom in the bag for buying wet clothing.

Water Bottle. Kids need to stay hydrated during hot summer days. Ensure that your child carries a good water bottle and that youngsters are encouraged to refill frequently during the day. Choose a good, light BPS-free model with double wall insulation. Unless you need to bother with re-useable bottles, put individual bottles inside the freezer and pack them inside the backpack every day.

Sun Protection. Children at day camp are in the sun high of the day and you'll want a lot of sun protection. Be sure you apply at home and then pack a sunscreen by having an SPF that is at least 30; check with camp to be sure students are inspired to reapply throughout the day. A hat is a definite necessity, whether a regular baseball type or a full dental coverage plans adventure-style hat, and children could also bring sunglasses (several cheap pairs make the perfect idea, while they get lot and break easily). Some parents also opt for attire with sun protection built-in. Bug spray can be a good plan; apply in your own home.


Food! If the child's camp has kids bring their very own lunch and snacks, make sure you have the right lunch box. If no refrigeration is accessible, go with a thermal lunch bag and tuck in the re-useable icepack. Talk with the camping ground to see if it is usually necessary to bring a snack. You can clip the therapy lamp to some backpack using a mountaineering clip.

Clothing. Old favorite t-shirts and shorts are acceptable for camp; these active summer days are all about play and outdoor fun, so fancy new outfits usually takes a beating! You may choose to add a short -or long-sleeved rash guard for sun-protection. Most camps encourage campers to get an additional list of clothes and sneakers in the event that they get especially wet, dirty or have any sort of accident. Weather can change during the day; mixed in a sweatshirt, windbreaker or light rain slicker. Required shoes or boots are apt to be sneakers; flip-flops and sandals could be hazardous during active games.

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